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Life with Becky

I was going through old photographs today, and taking photos of them so I will have a digital record.  I have found that the images taken with my digital camera are so much better than using a scanner, and much quicker too.  I found these photos of Becky when she was between six and eight, I think.  I love all of them.  I think they capture her personality and happy disposition perfectly.

Becky 1 Becky 5Becky 2Becky 3Becky 4

This last one is my absolute favourite.  Becky and her friend were dressing up, and I just managed to catch them with the most magical smiles.  As you can see, I always loved black and white photos.  These were the way they way taken, no changes except cropping.

Now I can use my camera to take pictures of photos, my material for posts becomes almost unlimited.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip into the past.


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Hey everybody welcome to Justin's Wheelchair Chronicles. This is a blog that's dedicated to my documentary The Wheelchair Chronicles. I'm 36 years old and I'm a proud graduate of DePaul University. Currently I'm of member of Access Living's Young Professionals Council. This film is a journey into my life and the struggles, the obstacles that I go through in my wheelchair. I'm doing this film not only to show people who I am but I want to have fun filming my crazy adventures in the city of Chicago.

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