Back To Work (Blog Update)

First off let me apologize for the lack posts the last few months. I’ve been busy trying to finish school and everything and now that I’ve graduated from DePaul (Woo Hoo!!) I can fully focus on finishing The Wheelchair Chronicles. It feels so damn good to be working on my film again. It’s time to focus on funding, editing, and finding music for my film. I’ve got the footage I need and now it’s time to finish my first film ever.

In regards to the blog, I’ll be posting a lot more than just once a month. I’ll restart my What A Film Should Be Like series and I’ll also be reconstructing my blog to make it look more professional so be on the lookout for that. Once again I want to thank everyone for supporting my film and supporting this blog.



Early Morning Rant…

Well not really a rant, it just my thoughts, just what I’m feeling at this time. I’m two weeks away from my graduation and I’ve never been as happy as I am now. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, a heavy five-year college weight I’ve been carrying around. I should say an eight year weight if you combine my time at Truman college before I came to DePaul. I’m happy that it will be over, even though I might want to do graduate school in the future but now I’m done with all this.

With my graduation looming it also means that I’m back to working on my film and finishing up one of the biggest projects that I’ve put together in my life. I miss filming, I miss the feel of a camera in my hands. I’ll will admit, I haven’t checked out my footage since October of 2012 so it will be interesting to go back and look at all my footage. Who knows maybe I seen something brand new that I didn’t see before and come up with a new idea and direction for my film. I’m excited to get back into the thick of things.

While I’m dealing with graduation and my post-graduation future, I’m also dealing with my love life. I don’t have a significant other in my life but I know that she’s out there. A few years ago I wasn’t thinking about falling in love and being in a relationship but now I want that. I also wasn’t thinking about it because in all honesty I didn’t have confidence in myself and I didn’t love myself as a person. Now I do have that confidence thanks to the women who had an influence in my life to let me be myself and now I’m ready to open my heart to that special woman.

These are just my thoughts ladies and gentleman, just what I was feeling at this time.

*I originally posted this on my blog close to a week ago on tumblr and I thought I should share with everyone.