Rehab Chronicles: Last Day

So today was my last day of doing physical and occupational therapy at the DayRehab Center and this was a sad day for me. The reason being is that I’ve grown to love this place. During the time that I’ve been at the center, I’ve met so many lovely people who have helped me get better and stronger physically. They’ve gotten to know me as I’ve gotten to know them and plus, I’ve had a lot of fun here as well.

In my last few posts, I’ve talked about the different therapists that have helped me during my time here. From Joanna (who still owes me a game of Battleship), to the “torturer” Megan. While I call her the torturer, she has really helped me with my wheelchair transfers and rolling techniques in my bed. I can’t forget the two lovely women, Grace and Bridget. I want to thank them for being so welcoming to me at the center. I was really nervous my first time there but they made my experience hard-working but fun in the process and I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve worked with them.

There are so many others at the center that have been so awesome. Sarah, the lovely Stephanie, Liz, Vimmi, Sue, Allie, Christina, the other Megan’s, and Allison’s. I know I’m forgetting a few people but you all have been so awesome to me and I will never forget you all and the hard work you put me through. All of you are amazing people.

Now that my time at the center is over, the next phase of my journey is about to take place as I’m going to do occupational therapy at RIC and then work at the fitness center near RIC. I won’t forget the time I had at the DayRehab Center.


Unnecessary Pressure

It’s been over a month since I started doing physical therapy and occupational therapy at the Day Rehab Center and it’s been a lot of hard work. The work has been tough but I’m enjoying myself and having a good time. While my therapy has been success, I’ve has to once again put my film on hold and that’s something that has bothered me.

I was upset that I couldn’t finish my film because I had put myself under a deadline to have The Wheelchair Chronicles completed and sending it in to different film festivals across the country but that’s not gonna happen. At first, I was pissed because that meant I had let a lot of people who have supported me and this film down but then after getting some words of wisdom, I realized that my supporters will completely understand that due to working at Day Rehab and dealing with other issues, people will understand that my film is not finished.

I forgot that I have the best supporters in the world. People who love me and actually care about me and they are very understanding as well. I have to remember that and now I’ve also gained a whole new set of supporters from Day Rehab. I’m no longer putting myself on any unnecessary deadlines. My film will be done when it’s finished. Now I can relax and focus on giving you all a great documentary about my life in a wheelchair.