The Lonely Traveler

Normally on the weekends I like to get early in the morning, get in my wheelchair and just ride around the city. I hate being lonely but when I travel around the city, I like the solitude, I love being by myself just me and my music. I don’t know why I do this but there’s something interesting about riding in Chicago when no one is around with the exception of a few people and cars. You can’t get this during the weekdays when people are going to work early in the morning. I like getting a different perspective of the city when no one is around. I know this seems weird but it sort of puts me at peace with myself. It gives me a chance to clear my head and figure out what I want out of life.


Another Doctors Appointment…

Earlier this afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment with a neurologist at Northwestern to figure out what’s going on with my legs and it was a rough experience. I’m not saying the doctor and his assistant were bad (they were actually great), it was just the test I had to go through to determine if there was a weakness in my arms and legs. My case is so weird to begin with because when they were doing the test, I have some weakness in my arms but have some strength as well and the same goes for my legs. I’m guessing that my strengths in those areas are compensating for my weaknesses.

While I did these test, the neurologist couldn’t figure out why I was sent to him because the reason I came to him was my primary doctor referred me to this guy because of the three muscle enzymes tests I’ve taken since May have been extremely high and it was a cause for concern. Well the neurologist suggest I see another doctor who works with muscular dystrophy that could give me answers.

So I have to see another doctor and it’s beginning to be really frustrating for me because I’m just tired of seeing doctor after doctor to determine what the hell is going on with me. This day has just been tiring and I’m so glad to be home so I can rest and relax.

Putting My Team Together

This will be the most important aspect of my film and that is putting my film team together. Ever since I started this film, I’ve worked by myself (with help from my film advisor, Camille DeBose) on this project, but now that I preparing to finish The Wheelchair Chronicles, putting the crew together is gonna be tough. Now don’t get me wrong I got plenty of people who are willing to help me with my film but I want to make sure I’m putting together a crew that will help make this film a success.

Trying to set up a crew is like putting together a puzzle. You have to make sure all the right pieces fit to complete the who puzzle. So as I sit here typing, I have to figure out what I need exactly and what direction I want the film to go. It’s nice that I’m editing but that’s not gonna get the film moving. I need to set up my crew so I can get this film moving and finally finished by the end of the year.

So I have to figure out if I want to add producers, if I need a cinematographer (which I’ll probably need), if I need art, etc. I know I’ll need an editor, sound, music, and I gotta do some voice over work so these choices are very important in finishing the film. I want this to be a great finished product. I want everyone to be proud of what they see from me.