Learning On The Fly

This post is gonna be a short one today, dealing with some issues. I was planning on continuing to shoot my film today but ran into some problems but I want to talk about my filming experience so far. One of the things that I have had to do during this film journey is learning how to actually use a video camera. Now I’ve had no problems with the technical aspects of using a video camera (that’s not really hard), but what I’m talking about relates to my wheelchair and learning how to use a video camera while travelling in my chair.

That’s been the hard part for me so far because I really want the audience to see the way that I travel through my point of view and learning how to do two things at once is hard. I’ve been sitting the camera in my lap while I’m riding but I don’t feel that it’s working out the way I want it to. The other idea that I had was to use a flexible tripod that I can wrap around my the arm of my chair and attach the camera that way and that might work. while I am learning on the fly, it’s actually been fun to try and test out some new techniques for my film because I want this to be successful and I want people to get a better understanding of who I am as a person.