It’s All Mathematics!!

I’ve been in a wheelchair for 11 years now and with being in a wheelchair there are some things that have become normal for me over the years. One of the things that has been normal for me is travelling and what I mean by that is the number of miles that I travel throughout the week and how many hours I have to charge my chair to get it back to 100%.

In my math class (A subject that I hate) I have to do a presentation and since I was working on my film this idea came into my head. I wanted to do something that coincided with the film and I choose to do my presentation on the number of miles that I travel on a daily basis and the number of hours it takes to charge my wheelchair.

Now in all honesty I’ve never cared about the number of miles I traveled throughout the day. The only thing I cared about was where am I going tomorrow and what time do I need to charge my chair so it be fully charged. But while recording my miles I realized that the number of miles that I travel does matter because it determines how much time it takes to actually charge my chair back to 100%. For example, Last Friday I travelled a total of 3.5 miles through the day and when I charged my chair that night it took 4 hours to fully charge it back to 100%

See, something that I thought to be normal is very important to what I do during the day. It’s important to the way I schedule my day and the things I can do and can’t do in my wheelchair. My math professor was right when she says everything we do in life requires math. Hey!! It’s all mathematics, the number of miles that I travel in a day and the number of hours it takes to charge my chair. See, I actually did learn something in my math class this quarter! Oh I am so smart!! Lol