Accidental Disappointment

Today I was expecting to show you all a clip from the film but I did something foolish and accidentally deleted the footage I intended to show you all. Yesterday afternoon I took my camera and left home to shoot part of my neighborhood. I wanted you to see the journey I take in my neighborhood and show you the obstacles I go through traveling around.

The past few weeks I was filming my travels from DePaul all the way to my home but I got tired of that and wanted you to see what I go through around my neighborhood. It was also very personal because for the first time I was actually speaking while I was filming explaing to everyone about my travels being sort of like a tour guide.

I had finally gotten to point where I was ready to talk about my experiences traveling through the city and now the footage is all gone. Now I know that I can shoot more footage. But as a director it’s hard to recapture that same experience I had the first time.

I don’t want to create anything that’s fake. I want to capture real moments and what I had yesterday was real and genuine and wanted you all to see that first hand and that’s what disappoints me the most. But you know what, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a minor setback. I can always get more footage and I plan to actually do that. Hopefully this time around I’m gonna make I take all precautions just in case something like this happens again.