Documentary: The Interrupters

Photo: Frontline

Directed by Steve James and produced by Alex Kotlowitz, The Interrupters is a documentary talking about the violent landscape that’s been taking place in Chicago. I watched this documentary a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. The style that’s presented in The Interrupters is sort of how I want to present my film. I want viewers to go in-depth into my life and my experience in a wheelchair. A lot of people don’t understand the work that it takes for me to get in my wheelchair and to get around on a daily basis. Here’s a quick clip and it you haven’t seen this documentary, I encourage you to check it out.

Frontline: The Interrupters


Author: jcooper82

Hey everybody welcome to Justin's Wheelchair Chronicles. This is a blog that's dedicated to my documentary The Wheelchair Chronicles. I'm 36 years old and I'm a proud graduate of DePaul University. Currently I'm of member of Access Living's Young Professionals Council. This film is a journey into my life and the struggles, the obstacles that I go through in my wheelchair. I'm doing this film not only to show people who I am but I want to have fun filming my crazy adventures in the city of Chicago.

2 thoughts on “Documentary: The Interrupters”

  1. I love the concept behind this movie. At the same time, I feel so sad watching it. I miss my family in Chicago, but I din't miss the violence:(Will you do your documentary with the same type of "day in the life" structure? I like the structure–makes you feel like tou're right there experiencing that person's reality.Peace and love,Barbara


  2. I'm really thinking of doing my documentary in that particular style. That's what I was impressed with in this documentary was the "day in the life" structure and I feel that it fits with what I'm presenting for my film.


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