A Major Announcement!!

I’ve been spending all my time this week working on my film. Not really shooting the film, but watching different documentaries and coming up with ideas on how I wanted to present the film itself. I’ve also spent this week coming up with a plan which coincides with my major announcement. Well today I decided that I will start up my own film studio which will also be a production company.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this since I started working on my film. I feel that the Wheelchair Chronicles is just the first step in my career as a director and producer and I need to have my own film studio where I can continue my future projects. This film is not a one and done deal for me, I want this film to be a success so I can use the success of the film to open up more doors for me in the film or television industry.

Listen I know this gonna be hard work for me but I’m in a place in my life where I’m determined to make an impact in this world. Not a of African-Americans have their own film studio and it’s difficult for African-Americans to make in the film and television industry in general so I have some work to do if I’m gonna make it in the film industry. You know I can do it! Plus I got a lot of people who believe I can do this and I’m not gonna let them or myself down.

I don’t have a name for film studio yet but I will definitely keep you all posted.