A Breakthrough for People with Disabilities…

Well I’m currently on spring break and let me tell you, it’s awesome. I don’t have get up early to go to class, I can actually sleep in for a change (well, not really). The last couple of days I’ve been an early bird and working on my film. I’ve been watching different documentaries and coming up with different ideas on how I want to present my film. I’m also working on putting together my own film studio. I know it gonna be hard work but I really wanna put this studio together because I have a lot of ideas beyond just my film that I want to work on and get out to the public.

During my film work the past couple of days I saw an article on Gizmodo that absolutely amazed me and forced me to change what I was originally going to talk to about. The article talks about a new robotic device that can help paraplegics and people with disabilities. This device called Tek Robotic Mobilization Device was created by Turkish scientists and is designed not just to help people who have a hard time walking move around more independently, but it helps people be able to actually stand on their own.

Now I’ve been conflicted about my feelings on this device. At first I was skeptical about this device because as person that uses a wheelchair I’ve heard about new devices that help people who are paraplegic or disabled but never coming to fruition. As I been thinking about it a little bit more I think it’s great news for people with disabilities. It gives those people including me hope that we can be more independent.

I don’t know if people are going to embrace this device fully because it’s seems like it’s trying to make us normal people in society. People who are disabled are viewed as freaks and not apart of society so people who are paraplegic or disabled might take issue to this robotic device but I doubt it. I am so happy to hear about this device. You just don’t know the joy that I feel right now, this is simply amazing.

Gizmodo: This Amazing Device Just Made Wheelchairs Obsolete for Paraplegics
Tek Robotic Mobilization Device: