My Film Inspiration

Today I wanted to talk to you all about the film that inspired me to get back into working on my film. The documentary film is called Shameless: The ART of Disability (2006) and it’s a film about five artists dealing with diverse disabilities (Mental, Learning, Physical, etc.). I love this film because you get a chance to see these individuals from their point-of-view and how they handle their disability. It’s humorous but it’s also intimate in a sense because these individuals are letting the viewer into their lives and talking about their disability.

The film is directed by Bonnie Sherr Klein, who’s a feminist filmmaker and disability rights activist. She directed and produced at least a dozen films for the National Film Board of Canada. Her time as a filmmaker was cut short when she suffered a stroke in 1987 that left her a quadriplegic and this was the first film she did since her stroke.

The people in this film are just regular people trying to find their place in this world. Even though they have a disability, it has not stopped them for being who they are as people. For example one of my favorite people in this film is a guy named David Roche who’s a poet, writer, and humorist. His face is disfigured but he’s a guy I can really relate to because his disfigurement hasn’t stop him for achieving his goals and is one of the most enjoyable, charming person in the film.

I don’t wanna give a whole lot away in this film but I want you all to check it out. This is the direction I’m strongly considering doing for my film because I feel that this a great way for people to get to know me and how I handle my own disability. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did. It was just great for me to see another person with a disability produce and direct a film. That’s just awesome!